Special thanks to: Eric Hu, Jason Wong, Jenny Yoo, Lucy Chinen, Moslem Priest, Mysteriz, Strict Face, Organ Tapes and Victoria Kim.

'Karaoke Vol. 1' reimagines and uses excerpts from the original works of: 莫西子诗, Big Bang, Nam Jun Paik and WINNER.

sHouToUtz: 2SHIN, Yasuyuki Poi Poi, Hibi Bliss, mobilegirl, WHYBE, Stella Chung, scintii, David Chen, Raymond Tseng, Jonny Ngo, Tammy Szu, Lala Namlha, Tammy Chang, Sydney Shen, Michelle Cho, Sharon Gong, Jasmine Lee, Mylinh Trieu Nguyen

iF wE LeFt oFf aNyOnE ~ oUr bAd! <3 <3